March Marmots is an upcoming club in the field of esports (electronic sports), which offers a semi-professional team and player base and actively promotes young talent. The club unites computer players who practice competitive gaming with great motivation on a semi-professional basis.


March Marmots was founded at the end of June 2018 and has been officially registered as an association since 05.09.2018. In July 2019, the organization merged with another esports organization (Celestial eSports) under the name March Marmots. The club has several competitive teams in different competitive games, who participate very actively in both online and offline tournaments. The members regularly attend various larger tournament events lasting multiple days with hundreds of visitors, so-called LAN parties, in Switzerland and the surrounding countries.

The name March Marmots is made up of both the founding region and current headquarters of the association, as well as the heraldic animal. March is a district in the canton of Schwyz in the Obersee region near Zurich. The predecessor organisation March eSports was founded here in the district, and all original founders come from the region. The March Marmots association was formed from March eSports, as the members voted in favour of the association's new heraldic animal, the marmot. The club colours reflect the association's ties to the founding region and our nation. Red and black represent the colours of the coat of arms of the March district, white and red are known to be the Swiss national colours, from which the association colours red-white-black emerged. These colours have been the trademark of our club since its foundation and already have a strong recognition value in the Swiss esports scene.

The detailed success story of our association can be found under the “About Us” tab.


Our goal is to promote the interests of our members in the field of competitive gaming, as well as the achievement of the full personal potential of each individual member. With our club structure we support the individual players in their respective games with a semi-professional infrastructure as well as in the administrative area. The individual teams improve in individual training sessions with the help of coaches and video reviews. Through these training sessions, the skills of the individual players are continuously and specifically promoted so that the personal performance goals can be achieved. This targeted promotion enables our teams to participate in competitive competitions in Switzerland and to measure themselves against the Swiss elite.

The best example and role model was our Overwatch Main Team, which steadily improved through structured and professional training, so that since autumn 2019 it formed one of the best Overwatch teams in Switzerland and had dominated and won the highest Swiss league (Swiss Esports League) twice in a row. The team also participated in international tournaments and achieved strong placements and even victories against other strong European teams. Due to their strong understanding and skills in the relevant competitive field, they were happy to pass on their knowledge to our other teams and support them with coaching and suggestions for improvement, which supported the positive club climate.

Our association tries to promote the field of esports in Switzerland. Our goal is, among other things, the promotion of young talents, since the interest of our club strongly affects this target group. However, in order to prevent negative aspects, such as neglect of priorities, from influencing the lives of teenagers and young adults, we as an association provide support. Here we help the youngsters to create their personal potential, considering a healthy balance between training time and obligations.


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