Our Marmots visited the Gameorama video game museum in Lucerne. It was a day full of fun and experiences.


To stand up for peace around the world, we held a small support stream where we collected for the Red Cross in Ukraine.


It was with great pleasure that we made a Christmas stream again this year! Thematically, all winter modes were played in different games and the viewers were offered fun and entertainment!


Our club can announce today that we have got a main sponsor: Hingucker GmbH ! Thanks to this cooperation, our club will grow even stronger! We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with Hingucker GmbH!


Once again, the annual general assembly will be held online in 2021. Elections to all board positions were held at the meeting and the following members were elected: Cedii Kingsley (President), Schnigy (Vice President), SeLRa (Actuary), Zélondra (Treasurer), MilchikeksCH (Internal Auditor).


Our Hearthstone player Schnigy puts in another simply incredible performance and makes it to third place in the Swiss Esports League Fall Season 2021 Hearthstone Playoffs after several wins!


Our association organised a Hearthstone tournament for the Swiss scene, where we were able to offer a small prize money. Our own players performed well and Cedii Kingsley reached 3rd place, while MilchikeksCH reached the 4th place.


For Halloween, we organised a stream day where 4 streamers from our association played a scary game from the Dark Pictures series together. The stream day was a complete success and we were able to give our viewers spooky content.


Our players take part in an offline LAN again after a long time, the SwitzerLAN 2021. In Quake Champions, our player Criptz wins the title again and now for the third year in a row! Our players also take part in Hearthstone, Overwatch and Rocket League.


As a thank you and gift to all visitors of the last stream day before Easter, 3 streamers and a guest from our club played different games together and provided interesting content.


This Sunday, members of our association visited the marmots in the Wildnispark Zürich, for which we collected at last year's Halloween Stream. The weather was perfect and we were able to enjoy the sight of the cute marmots.


Our Call of Duty team plays a good group stage in the Pain Allmode League and qualifies for the playoffs! There, our team shows a great performance in every game and wins the tournament with an exciting final match as the highlight!


We were accepted as an Ordinary Member at the General Assembly of the Swiss Esports Federation. From now on, we also support the efforts within the federation to promote and support Swiss Esports with all our strength.


For Easter Sunday, we organised a stream day where 4 streamers from our club played different entertaining games together and collected money for a good cause. The donation of the collected amount went to Pro Juventute, as they also support and educate parents of young people in the area of responsible gaming, which we are happy to support.


Our Call of Duty team plays a good group stage in the GCT League and qualifies for the playoffs with an excellent final spurt! There, our team achieves a placement among the top 8!


As a thank you and gift to all patrons of the last stream day, 4 streamers as well as guests from our club played various winter-themed games together and provided exciting content to watch.


Our Hearthstone player Schnigy shows an incredibly strong performance and makes it into the Top 6 of the Swiss Esports League Fall Season 2020 Hearthstone Playoffs!


Due to the situation in 2020, we held the annual general assembly online. There were various elections at the meeting, including the election of our management member Reto "SeLRa" Meier as vice president and the re-election of Michael "MilchikeksCH" Röllin as club treasurer.


Our Overwatch Mainteam qualifies for the final of the Swiss Esports League Overwatch Community Cup 2020 and reaches second place after a good performance!


For the first time, we organized a stream day where 4 streamers from our club played various scary games together and collected money for a good cause. We exceeded our donation target and can now realise a three-year animal sponsorship for alpine marmots at the Wildnispark Zürich.


On the occasion of our two year anniversary, we announced the start of our own tournament series for the Swiss Esports Community!


Together with over 15 organisations from all over the country, our organisation has assisted in a donation stream to collect donations for Médecins Sans Frontières.


Our Overwatch team plays the final of the Swiss Esports League Spring Season 2020 as defending champion and wins the league again with an outstanding performance!


Our Overwatch team plays several European community tournaments online and reaches 2nd place in the "Munich Esports Lions Community Cup 3" against strong opponents and wins among others the French "14aineEsports Tournoi Caritatif"!


Our CS:GO team is invited to the Supreme Masters 2020, an international tournament in Switzerland with teams from all over Europe.


Our Overwatch team once again plays the final game on stage of the Swiss Esports League Fall Season 2019 and wins the league spectacularly without being beaten once!


Our Overwatch team wins the tournament at the SwitzerLAN 2019 decisively, the biggest LAN in Switzerland! Additionally, we get 1st place in Quake Champions and 2nd place in Hearthstone.


We are officially represented at the Zurich Game Show with our own booth for the first time.


March Marmots merges with Celestial eSports and keeps its own name and logo. Now about 60 players are supported and promoted in 10 different games.


Our Overwatch team reaches the finals of the Swiss Esports League Spring Season 2019 takes home the 2nd place.


Our Overwatch team reaches the 2nd place at EEvent 13 in Arbon.


Our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Rampage reaches various top rankings in tournaments!


As finalist of the Swiss Gaming Challenge 2019, our Overwatch team plays the final on stage in front of several hundred people & takes the 2nd place.


Redesign of the official logo.


Participation at the EEvent 12 in St.Gallen, with strong rankings of our players! Overwatch: 3rd place / Hearthstone: 3rd & 4th place


Participation in various events like the Swiss Esports League or the SwitzerLAN with good results! Overwatch: Top 8 / Hearthstone: Top 16 / Quake Champions: 1st place


Official registration as an association in the commercial register. Admission of several players in competitive games (Overwatch & Quake Champions).


Foundation of March Marmots, which was created from the predecessor organisation March eSports. Name is composed of the founding region and current headquarters, as well as the heraldic animal. The club colours red-white-black are also composed of the connection to the founding region March and to our nation.


Acquisition of new members for our organisation, first internal discussions concerning a rebranding.


Our Hearthstone players take part in major regional tournaments and finish with top rankings.


First local tournaments are won by the players with bravura.


The predecessor organisation March eSports was founded by a small group of 5 Hearthstone players (Michael Röllin, David Huber, Sandro Huber, Dario Kora and Marcel Bisig)