Association President

Cédric B.
Cédric "Cedii Kingsley" B. has been active in the esport scene for some years. Here he played Hearthstone from the beginning, strongly supports our team with his good performances. Since the 2021 General Assembly, he has been active as the third President in the history of March Marmots.
Nicolas Krienbühl
Vize President
Nicolas "Schnigy" Krienbühl has been active in the esport scene for several years. Among other things he played League of Legends for the organization Xention Esports before he switched to the March Marmots. Here, he played Hearthstone from the beginning, also helped to build up the first Hearthstone team and led it later as Captain until today. He has also been supporting the staff of March Marmots in the area of social media for quite some time now.


Michael Röllin
Internal Auditor
His work in esports started in 2017 with Hearthstone. Together with David Huber he founded the March Marmots association on 30.06.2018, which was created from the predecessor organisation March eSports. Since the end of February 2019, Michael Röllin has been President of March Marmots, as well as acting as treasurer for the finances. He has been active as an internal auditor for the association since the 2021 General Assembly.
Sara Zelda Meier
Sara Zelda “SeLRa” Meier started her esports journey with Super Smash Bros. for WiiU where she reached the top 70 in the Swiss Power Ranking. She then switched to Overwatch and joined Celestial eSports which later merged with March Marmots. Today, she manages the organizations Twitter account and looks after the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players. From time to time, she streams live on playing a variety of games.
Misch Zélondra
Club Treasurer
Misch "Zélondra" found March Marmots as part of the community. Afterwards, she built up Team Aurum for March Marmots in Overwatch together with samantha16. In addition to Overwatch, Misch plays various games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft with other club members and is therefore known and liked internally by many people.